we aim to be responsible

Our sustainability

We aim to be responsible and run our business in a sustainable way. Through an ethical and morally sound attitude, we take responsibility in our interactions with co-workers, suppliers, and other stakeholders with whom we have a relationship.

Diversity, equality and environmental consiousness

Our active work with diversity and equality is a strong success factor for us. Our co-workers come from different countries and speak many languages, thus providing us with a strength that enables us give better service to our customers. When recruiting, we encourage applicants from underrepresented gender, nationality and age to apply.

Environmental focus

Identify areas, activities, effects and range of our environmental for print.

Deliver services, products and activities in a way that generate the least possible environmental footprint.

Reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Encourage all co-workers to actively care for our environment in their daily work.